Basic Things to Consider When buying Hotel Furniture

6 Aug

There are many aspects for maintaining and running a hotel business that you need to bear in mind for total accomplishment associated with business. Higher level of customer services, tasty food and amazing interior are not really the only consideration, although offering a comfortable furnishing to guests also matters. Whatever the theme you choose for hotel, selecting a right style of furniture is one of the most important thing for extreme success of organization. The furniture you select should mirror the personality of hotel. Hotel Furniture adds drastically towards making an enjoyable ambiance and to put fantastic impression on visitors as they enter the hotel.

Selecting hospitality furniture is not as effortless as selecting residential furniture. Every tiniest detail makes difference to the kind of UK hotel furniture you are going to buy. When you’re planning to adorn any venue, there are lots of points to consider which help picking right furnishing. A hotel infrastructure is embodiment involving different portions like bed room, dinning area, restaurant, outdoor area, bar and lounge. Every corner in a hotel require different kind of furniture. The furniture required for a room is quite different from that required for restaurant.

The primary thing is to estimate the space you are available with. In line with the place, decide the sort of furniture essential as well as just how much of the variety you will have to buy. To figure out proper variety as well as volume of furniture, consider the types and number of rooms in hotel. By counting the number of rooms, you can calculate an approximate amount of furniture needed to buy and total cost that will need to pay.

Next, its time to set your budget. A savvy manager never spends beyond business means as it will be harmful for overall growth of business. It is better to measure your ability and stick to the budget. With growing hospitality market, it is possible to buy entire furnishing on a reasonable budget. Finally, select a reputed retailer available in the area. It is better to buy from a well-known and qualified supplier. Such a dealer can help you get better deal at lovable prices. Most of the time, companies manufactures new furniture for hotels and assure to stay in budget with them. Only keep these things as the primary goal to buy hotel furniture that worth your investment.


Contract Furniture – Create the Right Ambiance for Your Place

18 Jul

new imagesDoes a swivel chair will look good in living room? Is that not a bar stool looks awkward in office conference hall? Of course, this will show a disarrangement of furniture in the place. Right positioning of furniture is as important as buying the right furniture. A house is furnished quite differently as compared to any commercial or public place. The term “contract furniture” has been derived to distinguish commercial furnishing from residential furnishing. The term contract of commercial furniture includes furniture for frequently visited place like restaurants, hotels, bars, pub, corporate building, government office and many other commercial places. It does not mean that there exist no theme for commercial furniture at home. In study rooms or home office, you can use this kind of furnishing.

The UK legislature has passed a Crib5 law for manufacturing commercial furnishing. According to this law, contract furnishing must be manufactured in compliance with safety standards enforced by Crib5. Buying the right furniture is not straightforward job. Since furniture is one of the heaviest investment, you need to be careful to buy furnishing for your commercial premise. Besides, no one can afford from time to time expenses on furnishing the same place. Therefore, make one time investment and buy timeless furniture.

UK contract furniture can be used for both indoor as well as outdoor locations. To provide furnishing for commercial places like resorts, bars, golf clubs, university halls, hotels, corporate buildings, government offices and many other place, the manufacturer has to keep in mind the usability and requirement of furniture. Based on usage, manufacturer can offer you many contemporary and traditional options. The fabric and material used for manufacturing this type of furniture must accommodate client’s need like type of fabric, material used, design, color, style and durability of furniture. Commercial places usually require same piece of furniture in large quantity. TO negotiate the cost, it is recommended buying furniture in bulk from a wholesale supplier.

Prior to purchase, do some planning in terms of space, budget, type and quality of furniture. Next step is to find the right and authorized vendor. Take some time find the right contract furniture supplier in market who can be easily available. For this you can contact two or three vendors with healthy reputation and history. Then, contact them personally by phone call or email and ask them for a free quote. For final decision, you can ask companies for personal reference to contact with. A reputed company will never hesitate to provide reference to some good suppliers in the town.

Few tips to choose right contract furniture

8 Jul

new images

What is commercial furniture?

When opening a new business related to hospitality or leisure industry, one of the major expense for the owner is to buy right furnishing. The furnishing used for businesses is different for residential furniture. People can furnish their home in any style, fabric and design they want. But the interior of venues included in hospitality and leisure industry must be furnished specifically in an elegant and pleasing manner. The furniture used for these places if often termed as commercial furniture. Commercial places is used in lobbies, waiting rooms, conference room and reception areas. A purchase in wholesale or bulk can cut down total cost of furnishing.

contract furniture and crib 5
In UK, the term “ contract furniture” is used to categorize commercial furniture. Government legislation of of UK has imposed some laws on commercial furniture industry. All the manufactures in UK, have to manufacture commercial furniture that meets the Fire regulation and safety standards of Crib 5. UK contract furniture is intended for every commercial purpose. Typically, it is used in leisure industry,  hospitality, by landlords and agents, restaurants, bar, auditorium, hotels, office and many other public places.

Contract furniture mainly refers to fabric and material used for furnishing. Commercial place  are frequently visited by public. Therefore, furnishing for these places must be more durable than comfortable. Manufacturers of commercial furniture priorities durability over comfort. Therefore, it is less ideal to be used at home.

Tips to buy contract furniture
What to buy first? Priorities the items that are must for right away and put rest of the items on wait. Also consider the dimensions of workplace for which you are going to buy furniture.
Plan your budget. Based on must have furniture requirements, decide how much money you will be spending. Budget pre planning never lets you out of money. To set up a right budgetary, you can browse websites of furniture companies and ask them for free budgetary quote.  Do not compromise with quality to save a few bucks. A significant investment on timeless piece can worth for its lifetime.
Quality of furniture? Commercial furniture needs to be durable and comfortable. Feel satisfied with look comfort and quality of material that manufacturer is going to use for your furniture design. Do not compromise with quality at any cost because furniture gives a unique personality and character to a place. Never buy a modern furniture that may be outdated in few years.

You can find many  contract furniture supplier in UK. Before banking on a supplier, do some research on their services. Visit their websites and read their testimonials to know what others say about their services. You can also ask them to provide sample of their previous work. Choose a right supplier with many years of experience in furniture industry that worth your investment.

Is Buying Contract Furniture Worth It?

5 Jul

The term “contract furniture” refers to the furniture used for commercial intent. It refers to the contract established between buyer and supplier in which supplier promise to follow some norms given especially for manufacturing commercial purpose furniture. It is an assortment of furnishing used by business people for venues like hotel, restaurants, pubs, bars, university halls for students accommodation, office and guest houses. Furniture at these places is to be used extensively by public. Therefore, while purchasing furnishing for these place, it is important to consider durability of material used, furniture design, quality, guarantee and warranty policies etc. Commercial furniture must be manufactured different from residential furniture.

 In UK, furniture manufacturers has to adhere to some safety standards while manufacturing and supplying commercial furniture. These laws have been given by CRIB 5. According to CRIB 5, every piece of commercially used furniture have to pass UK fire regulation 1988. It does not mean to make furnishing fireproof, but to reduce the fire damage risk. These norms further states that business purpose furnishing must be more durable than residential furniture. The fabric and other material used for manufacturing must be highly sustainable.


  • Long-term durability:

UK contract furniture manufacturers understand that furniture at public places like offices, hotels and restaurants etc is to be used by different types of people each having different way to deal with furniture. Thus, manufacturer always use tough material and fabric for designing furnishing so that it can withstand with every kind of treatment by different people.

  • Cost-effective:

 The pricing that a supplier asks for sold furniture is quite reasonable as per the laws. Customer can pay the amount over a period in instalments. Although furnishing can be little expensive, but it requires less maintenance and repairing costs. Further, some suppliers offer free repairing to their customers.

  • Customized furnishing:

 One of the best advantage is that if client can get their furnishing designed in their own way. Some manufacturing companies visit the venue for which they are going to manufacture furnishing. Then they conduct onsite inspections, gather client’s requirements and present recommendation if client wants. Client can choose desired material, design and fabric for unique furnishing.

  • Customer support:

A qualified supplier always provide after-sale customer support services. Customer can easily communicate with customer care representatives if they find any issue with usage, durability or positioning of furniture. With trustworthy suppliers, you can enjoy attractive offers, guarantee and warranty policies.

In UK, you can find many contract furniture suppliers in market. For purchasing furniture for hospitality or leisure purpose, always go for specialist manufacturers in business purpose furniture. No matter what furnishing you buy, it must complement to theme of venue and must be timeless. It is always recommended to buy furnishing in bulk to reduce the cost.

Tips to buy Hotel Furniture for every portion

5 Jul

Thinking from customer’s point of view while purchasing hotel furniture helps greatly to buy right furniture that customers love. A hotel has many portions like rooms, reception, outdoor area, dinning room etc. Every portion require different piece of furniture to complement the theme of hotel’s interior design. This article classifies different areas in a hotel and few basic tips to buy hotel furniture.

 Reception furniture :

 Almost complete traffic pass through reception or lobby area of hotel. Visitors may want to rrest their feet after a long travel, may be waiting for taxi while cheking out or may be waiting for their room to get ready for a pleaant stay. Thus, reception furniture must be quite appealing and comfortable for visitors so that they can have everlasting impression on visiotrs which force them to return to the hotel. One major point about reception buy hotel furniture is that it must be attractive from all sides since reception furniture is almost visible from all sides of hotel. Reception furniture must be clean and should ot give messy look.

Hotel restaurant furniture :

Some people are camping freaks. They love to stay at outdoors for camping, road tripping or some other reasons. Besides the adventure on their trips, they also want to keep themselves clean and comfortable to feel like home. There are many products available in market today that makes people feel leisure like home at outdoors. In this article, we introduce two great products -camping water heater and shower that promise to keep people clean wherever they go.

Hotel resturant requires completely different furnishing and arrangements than a stand alone restaurant. Restaurant is not just about food and drinks. Its ambience must be pleasant and furnished with attractive and comfortable seatings.

Bedroom furniture :

You are at outdoor either for official work or on a trip to enjoy your holiday, everyone wants a peaceful sleep at night after tiredness of the day. So, it is the responsibility of hotel owner to take care of guest’s comfort by selecting comfortable bedroom furniture for them. Bed is the main furniture in a bedroom. Design of the bed must look attractive to the guests as they entered the room. But a fabolous design fails if it is not comfortable. So, consider all durability, comfort and design while buying bedroom furniture.

Conference room :

This multi purpose portion can be used for dinning or meeting. So, it must be furnished to suit all purposes. Main furniture in this portion are chairs. Chairs must be lighweight so that they can be easily moved and stored anywhere but still looks great.

Outdoor furniture :

Decor of hotel outdoors puts great impression, elegance and value of place on visitors. Outdoor areas mainly include swimming pools, garden and backyards. Furniture for outdoor must be lighweight and foldable so that they can be moved inside and ouside easily.

Furniture for Restaurants – How to Pick a Right Furniture Supplier

22 Jun

The first thing in a restaurant that puts impression on a visitor is its interior design. Interior design includes not only decoration of walls, flourishing the ambiance with fabulous accessories, but it also includes furnishing the restaurant in a pleasant manner.

 Modern furniture does not only mean to buy stylish furniture. There are many other factors to consider while buying furniture for restaurants. Families visit restaurant to enjoy lovely moments and delicious food, professional may visit to attend an informal meeting and friends enjoy a memorable get together there. Irrespective of purpose to visit restaurant, everyone wants to feel comfortable and luxurious that can be achieved only by interior and furnishing of the place. Therefore, furniture must be comfortable, luxurious, stylish and durable.

When you step into market or surf the Internet to find restaurant furniture, you will find thousands of furniture suppliers promising to supply high quality furniture. It may be daunting to select a right dealer who can supply the best furniture for your restaurant. To make the task easier, this article shares few tips that will surely help a restaurant owner to pick the most suitable furnishing:

  • Go for a registered company: Before throwing your money to a supplier, check whether the company is registered with some furniture act or not. There are many benefit of dealing with a legitimate company. These companies are stick to the rules given by law to manufacture furniture. These rules define quality of raw material, durability and cost of furniture. Therefore, with a registered company, feel safe in terms of quality, budgets and any fraud dealer.

  • Customer support: Deal does not end after the delivery of furniture at restaurant. After getting furniture delivery at very place, customers may have many question in mind regarding right positioning of furniture and many more. A professional company always welcome customer’s query and is ready for customer support.

  • Guaranteed policy: Professional suppliers have their own servicing, payment and repairing policies. They offer customers with easy payment plans over months or years. Some suppliers offer money-back guarantee if customer do not find furniture durable after purchase. With guarantee policies, customer feels satisfied and safe with their investment. Remember that only a high-quality supplier can offer guaranteed policies to the customers.

  • Reliability: To check a supplier for credibility, ask them for portfolios. From these portfolios, customer can get idea of their past work, experience in this field and their ability to meet client’s requirements. One can also visit their website and read previous customer’s reviews and testimonials.

  • Future availability: A piece of furniture may get damaged in future and need replacement with new piece of same furniture. To keep the theme of restaurant, owner may not want to replace it with some other style, design or colour. Therefore, it is necessary to check the furniture supplier for extensive store of furniture and its availability of similar furnishing in the future.

Depending on the type of restaurant business, every owner has their own requirements. There are lot more things to consider while dealing with a furniture company. It is recommended to shop from an online company. On their website, everything about the company like a variety of furniture, guarantee policies, customer support, testimonials, portfolios and much more. Check their chipping method, duration and charges.

How to find a qualified Commercial Hotel Furniture Supplier

23 May

imagesBuying furniture for a hotel is one of the biggest investment for the owner. So, Whether you are going to buy furniture for newly set up hotel or going to furnish renovated hotel, be careful to select hotel furniture supplier. Always go for a manufacturer who manufactures specifically for hospitality industry. Working with a professional supplier will supply the furniture a hotel need and makes it most inviting place for visitors in the area.

This article shares some useful tips for buying commercial hotel furniture :

Furniture design complementing overall theme of hotel represents a successful interior design of hotel. Always stick with theme of ambiance when buying furniture. For a classic look, buying wooden furniture will be ideal. Whereas for a contemporary look, leather and metal belongings looks fabulous.
Hotel guests always look for comfort. So, its another important factor to look for when buying hotel furniture. More than style, functionality also matters for furniture. A bar stool in bedroom will always be disgraceful in bed room. Similarly, a stylish looking bed will be a waste investment if it is not comfortable to guests.
Target your customers and location of hotel. The climate of area and types of guests also influence selection. For an area with snowy mountains around and moisturising weather, wooden material will not work longer.
Buying hotel furniture is a long term investment. Quality and durability of material used  matters the most when purchasing furniture for hotel. There are many type of woods available in market. Choose the best material according to budget an requirement.
Ask the supplier if he can purchase same furniture later on. This is because, hotel furniture always need maintenance. And many times, there can be lose of any furniture peace. To compensate, buying a piece of unmatched furniture looks awkward. Therefore, this is a necessary question to ask.

Choosing the right hotel furniture always saves time and money. There are many inexpensive furniture manufacturers in UK who specialize in commercial furniture manufacturing. To choose a qualified manufacturer, visit their website to explore their reputation, review their portfolios for their past work, visit their showroom to look for original designs. A professional manufacturer handles all elements from production of furniture to its shipping at customer’s place. A successful interior design includes identifying a professional commercial hotel furniture supplier who is willing to work with hotel’s standards and ideas.

Today, web offers furniture seekers with so many options. When shopping online, be careful to opt for a qualified supplier. Study carefully complete shipping policy and price. Discovering affordable hospitality furniture manufacturer is not a challenge. Do not base your selection only on budget. But also consider the quality of furniture. Because buying hotel furniture is a long term investment, This purchase must worth this heavy investment.


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